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Of Angel Delight and cream

Last night I messed up.  I stepped into a realm where only gods should tread and paid the price for it.  I noticed that we had a carton of extra thick channel island cream that needed to be used up that same night.  I’m not sure why we had it, possibly for a cake that it was never used with, but it was pricey enough that I didn’t want to just throw it out.  I also remembered that we had a packet of banana flavoured angel delight mix.  Sure you’re supposed to make it with milk, but cream is just like milk right?  Right?

And so I took out the whisk and started to mix up the fateful concoction.  I should have realised something was wrong when it became so thick that the entire bowl was stuck to the whisks, but I just added some water to thin it out a little and kept on going.  Eventually I had a huge bowl of something that looked about right, very well mixed and as thick as it should be.  I’ll say this for using cream, at least you don’t have to chill it for an hour to get it to set.  That’s about the only good thing I can say for it though.

The mixture tasted VERY creamy, but to not a sickening degree not yet.  You could only just taste the banana, but I put that down to it trying to add a subtle flavour to the mix rather than overpowering everything with fruit.  It had just enough flavour in it to make you want to take another spoon full to taste it again.  So I spooned some out into a bowl and everything seemed to be going fine.  It wasn’t until afterwards I realised the downside of eating what amounts to entire bowl of cream.  I felt so full my stomach wanted to explode, and I’d barely even made a dent into the mixture as a whole.

Once the banana flavour fell away all that was left was an overpowering taste of milk and cream, to the point where I wasn’t sure I’d ever taste anything else again and it only got worse at time went by.  I even tried eating other things to try and get the taste out, including several slices of bread, but it didn’t change a thing.  The mixture was just lying on the side taunting me and so I had to do something that I despise beyond most other things.  I threw food away.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but if I feel myself putting on pounds with every spoonful.

After the fact I decided to take a look at just how unhealthy the whole thing must have been.  Turned out that the small bowl I’d had was in the region of 1000 calories (that’s about 40% of the RDA), over half of which was pure fat.  I’m not sure I’ll be touching cream again any time soon, and even putting milk on my cereal this morning took a lot to muster

So please, learn  from my mistakes.  Never try to make Angel Delight with cream, the consequences are dire and the taste just isn’t worth it.

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One year later

So it seems that my blog never picked up last time, probably because I was trying to come up with highly interesting content and detailed topics that I never got around to polishing to a level where I felt happy with.  As a result, nothing ever got posted.  Instead, I’m going to try and post at least whatever rambling topics go through my head in at least enough detail for someone to have some idea of what I’m talking about.  It’ll hardly be Shakespeare, but it won’t be random scrawling on a pavement either.  It won’t be daily, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get at least one good post a week.

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