My single new year’s resolution for 2012

01 Jan

Richard Wiseman in his excellent book 59 Seconds talks about how best to keep your new year’s resolutions.  The two things that stand out to me in his advice, which can be found summarised here, is to make just 1 resolution to stick to, and to make it public.

So my new year’s resolution this year is to stop biting or picking the ever living crap out of my fingers.  What?  Not drastic and world changing enough?  No, but neither are many other resolutions, especially if you discount the ones that get ditched after the first couple of months.  Every time I get nervous, frantic, or just plain bored I start to gnaw away on my fingertips and as a result they always look really, really gross.  Every so often they I manage to leave them alone for a couple of weeks, but then it just takes one stressful day of going at them for me to pick up the habit again.  It’s not fun to do, not nice to look at, and it really, really bothers me.  So if by the time 2012 is over I’ve managed to kick this one really bad habit of mine for good then I can happily call this year a success.

To add a constant motivation to stop me doing it, I’m going to have a “finger-chewing box” of sorts, where every time I do it, whether subconsciously or not, I’m going to donate a pound to my favourite podcast from what I set aside for new games, books, etc.  I kinda like having new games to play and books to read, so if it comes down to either that or chewing on my fingers it becomes a much easier choice to make.  In fact I’ve already caught myself picking away at them twice just while writing this post.  Guess that’s £2 I won’t be seeing again…


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