My single new year’s resolution – Progress so far

04 May

It’s a few months into the year, so now seems like a good time to give an update on how my single new years resolution is going.  Judging from my fingers not looking a complete mangled mess I’d say I’ve made some progress, but I’ve still got a fair way to go.  As I mentioned back  in my original post I’ve been keeping track of how often I end up chewing or picking at my fingers and each time I either give in or find myself idly gnawing on them I’ll be putting £1 in my “chew box”, then donating that money at the end of the month.  The original plan was to give it to one of my favourite podcasts, Nerdy Show, but by the end of January that plan changed somewhat so the money’s now being donated to the charity “Find your MAP”, which I’ll be talking about another time.

Here’s the tally so far:

  • January: 22.  Not the best score, but pretty good considering what I was like before.
  • February: 21.  Bit of an improvement here, but there were fewer days in this month.
  • March: 27.  Ah…  Not quite going in the right direction any more…
  • April: 16.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Using clippers to carefully remove any hangnails and not just biting them is definitely helping.

So I did take a bit of a dive during March, but in retrospect that seems to made me redouble my efforts for the next month.  If I can just keep the hangnails at bay for a few weeks or so then I’m home free.

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