January challenge: No more games

31 Dec

I’m probably doing things a little wrong by trying do 2 challenges at once in my very first month, but these 2 things compliment each other somewhat so I guess it makes it alright?

I won’t be doing: Gaming

For the month of January I’m not going to play any computer games.  I’ve had less time for gaming in general compared to when I was younger, but when I do have the time to play I keep falling into the habit of playing them to beat them, rather than because I’m enjoying them.  As a result I’m finding they’re eating up far too much of my free time and I’m not getting as much joy from them as I normally would.  So for January, no more games.

I will still be playing other sorts of games, such as board games, but that’s more for the social aspect and not “I must finish all these games in X amount of days!”.  If I pick up any of my side projects that involve making games then I wouldn’t consider that breaking this challenge either.  I have too many things to do with any of those before they’re in a state where playing them could be considered “fun”, and that’s not likely to change before the end of January.

I will be doing:  Programming.  Lots and lots of programming.

I have an exam that’ll be booked for the end of this month that I want to pass for work.  It’s the official Microsoft exam for the new C# spec, and while I already know a lot about the language there’s still a few gaps here and there, especially for features introduced in the new version released earlier this year.  My plan is to do at least 1 hour of research and coding every single day until I pass this exam.  Granted I could get away with the bare minimum, but since I want to make sure I also learn the language I’ll be putting as much time into it as I can manage.

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