February challenge: Oh yeah, the challenge…

11 Feb

Well, turns out I’ll be starting this one a little late.  I let myself relax a little too much post-wedding, and I’m only now just starting to get back into a routine that’s not filled with late-night gaming, X-Men cartoons and copious amounts of fudge.  Waiting until nearly halfway through the month before starting a monthly challenge is cutting it a bit fine, but I think it’s better to get things started now and overrun an extra 10 days into March instead of let it go and do nothing for a month.

I was originally planning on running through some of the BSM practice exams for my driving theory test, and after dedicating some time to starting this a few days ago I sat down with my laptop, opened the DVD case and…  noticed the disc was missing.  Not having the resources handy through me off a little and didn’t make the best start to this challenge, and then I discovered that the exam format’s changed dramatically since my wife passed her test, so her DVDs are a bit less useful.  Plus I’ve got my C# exam coming up in early March, and studying flat-out for 2 different exams doesn’t seem like the best idea either.  So I’m going to forget about my theory test for now and focus on something a little more doable that won’t distract me too much from my revision.  I could make the focus of this challenge my exam, but as Richard Wiseman discovered when researching new year’s resolutions you’re more likely to just make yourself frustrated if you just keep repeating the same resolution (or challenge) over and over.  Obviously I’ll still be studying for my exam, but I’m going to make something else the focus of this month’s challenge and not just retread old ground.

I’m keeping it simple.  Each day I’ll be starting my morning with some exercise.  I don’t mean “burn off all the fat” type of exercise  and I don’t mean going to the gym until I’m rippling in muscles and covered in 6-packs either.  I already do enough bike reading to handle any fat-burning kind of exercise I need for now, but it would be nice if I could help someone carry a table without getting sore arms the next morning.  I’m not going to do anything too extreme either, I’m just planning simple quick exercises like push-ups and a number of stretching exercises à la Wii Fit to help wake me up.  I’ll add a few more exercises to the mix when I start to get bored in a week or so.

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