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March Challenge: Sugar-free

A bit late writing about this one up, but I started on the 1st March so I’m still good, just a tad lazy.

For March I’ve decided to give up sugar.  That pretty much says it all, but a little explanation and clarification is probably needed.  Some years ago when I was trying to figure out what was causing my stomach so much pain I decided to have an allergy test, which was soon followed by an elimination diet after being told I was allergic to nearly everything under the sun.  I found out a few months later that the test I’d taken was utter baloney and I’d just become massively intolerant to caffeine, but in the meantime I’d noticed that ordinary food had started tasting far better than it used to.  One of the things I’d given up was sugar, and after a few weeks of having porridge and cereal without several buckets of sugar I found that even a regular bowl of Weetabix was suddenly delicious.  When I finally did start having sugar again I went into sugar shock after my first bite of fruit crumble.  Food was much more enjoyable during that time and I’d like to try getting back to that point again for a little while at least.  I guess trying to be healthy also plays a small part in it too but that’s not my main reason for doing this, otherwise I’d be going the whole hog and skipping out on things like Pizza, chips, and other delicious junk food.

To clarify, I’m not giving up any and all food & drink that contain sugar as that’s next to impossible these days.  Things that contain a negligible amount of sugar such as bread and some cereals I’ll still have, while anything loaded with the stuff is out.  I’m also going to avoid most sauces as they tend to come loaded with a hefty amount of sugar too, although I don’t think I can always help this when going out for a meal.  Same thing for fruit juice, there’s just too much in there for me to not count it, although I’ll still be eating regular fresh fruit.  Since I’m doing this to get rid of my sweet tooth, then all artificial sweeteners are out too.  No point doing this unless I’m going to do it properly.


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