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June Challenge update: Spring Cleaning

May’s Challenge: Get to grips with Electronics

Well, May’s challenge turned out to be a bit of a failure to be honest.  Turns out that when you set yourself a goal for the month you have to dedicate time to actually sitting down and getting it done.  In this case, it was a little hard to set enough time aside during my evenings to really focus on this, then at weekends I ended up getting sidetracked with other chores.  I did finish reading through my soldering guide, which was short, to the point, and really good at getting the essential points and techniques across.  Without actually doing any electronics though, it ended up being a tad useless.

What I really need to set an hour or so aside each evening to really focus on whatever side-project I’m working on at the time, but with the number of things “to do” on my plate, it seems like an insurmountable task right now.  Which gave me an idea for June’s challenge.

June Challenge: Spring Cleaning

With how bogged down I got with various things last month, I’ve decided to make this month all about clearing as many things off this list as possible.  Some of them are things which have come up recently that need to be dealt with, but the majority are things which have been an annoyance lurking around for months that I’ve just never gotten around to sorting out.

All them are tasks which will take more than a few minutes to do, but none are big enough to justify spending a whole month trying to get it done.  I’ve listed out every single task I can think of (around 24 so far), with the intention to complete at least 1 of these every 2 days.  Ideally I’ll finish do better than that, but every item done is another thing crossed off my to-do list and finally off my mind.  Unsurprisingly I’ve started lagging behind a bit, but as quite a few of the tasks I’ve got involve ringing people and waiting a few more days for things to get sorted out I’m confident I’ll catch up.