Budgeting Score – September

26 Nov

As these posts are all going up with short gaps between, there’s not much pre-amble to go through.  So here’s the figures:

Essentials Lifestyle Savings
Target score: 50% 30% 20%
Actual score: 70.6% 30.5% -1.1%

Last month was pretty bad, but somehow I managed to make things worse.  The biggest event from this month was mine and my wife’s birthday, but while that made it more expensive than the typical month, it wasn’t responsible for making it as bad as it was.  In general I think the main cause was the same thing that’s been responsible for my bad months in the past, I stopped paying attention to my budget.  There’s definitely a theme here, and if I want to get my budgeting back on track and keep it there, then I’m going to need to make sure I’m always paying attention to what my bank balance is like and how much I have in each piggybank, even when other major events are going on around me.

Another problem if I’ve noticed from leaving my budgeting spreadsheets for too long is that it gets harder to figure out what some of the items on your bank statement are for.  For most of them it’s easy to thing out which budget group they belong to (food shopping, restaurants, etc) but a couple are a bit harder.  I’ve got one item that’s appeared twice in my statements from July through to October, and I’ve got idea what it’s for.  It’s got the town I live in as part of the name, so I know it’s somewhere local, but that’s as much as I can figure out.  Since it’s local I don’t think that it’s a result of someone stealing my details, but I’m going to have to keep a close eye on my account in the near future to see if I can figure it out.

September’s final score:

0/10 – Double Fail

Past scores:

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