Budgeting Score – November

03 Jan

These next last few reports are going out fairly quickly, so not much pre-amble to go here:

Essentials Lifestyle Savings
Target score: 50% 30% 20%
Actual score: 55.2% 46.3% -1.5%

So things took a bit of a dive in November.  That can almost entirely be put down to a very large number of pet-related expenses (35% of my total budget in fact).  A good chunk of these were unavoidable vet bills, which while I have a piggybank to handle wasn’t enough for this month.  The rest though was new toys for a kitten we got this month.  I take some comfort in knowing that if this hasn’t been such a pet-centric month then it could have been a rousing success, but there’s no point dwelling too much on “could haves”.  Something else to take away is that if I’d done these reports on time I would’ve noticed how much the expensive the pets were starting to get.  More reason to make the effort do these on time for a change.

November’s final score:

0/10 – Too many kittens

Past scores:
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Posted by on January 3, 2015 in Budgeting, Self-Improvement


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