Making a Game – Report 5

22 Mar

The ladders are done!  You can now easily turn any building into a climbable level by adding a “climbable” component to it, then attaching as many ladders of an appropriate size as you need.  It works pretty well I think.  Later on I’ll add in a few alternatives to ladders, but now that the mechanics are in place it’s easy enough to change the aesthetics.  I had some issues at first, where I couldn’t mark a building as both on a different level and an obstacle, leading to characters climbing up ladders then walking through walls, but thankfully that’s been fixed.  There’s still an outstanding issue if you want to undo your “climbing” movement action, which leads to characters walking around several metres off the ground.  I’ve got a couple of ideas how to fix that though.

The camera now moves to your new position when you’ve confirmed your movement action.  That wasn’t as straightforward as I would’ve liked…  What I wanted to do was pass a reference to the single camera object used by all the scripts that need it, but instead I have to find the camera from within each GameObject’s script.  I’m going to revisit this later to see if I can tidy it up.  Another cosmetic issue is that the camera just snaps straight to a new position, which doesn’t look or feel very nice.  I want to make it a lot smoother as it pans between the two points, so you that can get a feel for where they are compared to the rest of the map.  I’d like to do the same thing to the character movement, but that’s going to wait until I have nicer character models.

As well as the things mentioned above, I also want to fix something that’s been bugging me for a few weeks.  The circle I draw around characters to show far they can move isn’t displaying correctly.  It’s only expanding out to cover 3/4 of the distance it should, and is it’s driven by the same calculations that decides how far you can move…  So there’s a minor bug somewhere that needs worming out.  I also want to get a couple of UI buttons in place to help move the camera about.  Right now you can move and rotate it to your heart’s content, but it only moves to another levels when it’s following a character moving to that same level.  Should be too hard to do, and will make it easier to look around later.  I also want to get the Visual Studio Tools for Unity working as the debugging feature alone will be life saver.  After all that’s finished, I can finally get started on combat.  Ranged attacks will be first, as I want to think about how to make melee attacks more interesting.

Finally, I’ve started using Trello to help me to keep track of what tasks I’m working on, having left to do, etc.  Previously I was using lists within Evernote, and while that’s a great tool for a lot of things, it wasn’t working exceptionally well as a task list which changed every couple of weeks.  I’ve also made my Trello board public in case anyone’s interested, mainly because it’s so easy to do.

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