Making a Game – Report 6

06 Apr

This sprint I managed to refactor the movement system, so now it can group multiple movement steps into a single action, which in comes in handy when someone’s climbing a ladder.  That might not sound like much on the surface, but it sure makes the code a lot neater and easier to manage when planning your movements out.  I’ve also completed a very simple aiming mode,  Right now all you can do is look at the different targets available, with no regards to their team, distance, cover, or any other factors (it does stop you from aiming at yourself though).  There’s a lot more work left to so here.  I’ve also added a few more UI buttons to allow you to cycle through targets and move the camera up/down levels as you view the map.  It does the job for now, but it’s starting to look a bit crowded.  This will be high on my list of things to fix when I start tidying everything up.

I didn’t get around sorting out my problems with the Visual Studio Tools for Unity, and that’s something that’s going to come back to bite me if I don’t get it sorted soon.  With the combat mechanics next on my plate, it will be a real pain to debug if I’m trawling through log files instead of watching the data as it changes.  I also need to sort out some form of source control for this.  Right now, everything’s backed up, but not in a way which makes it easy for me to go back through older versions of my code.

For the next sprint, I’m going to first get Visual Studio tools for Unity working.  If I don’t do it now, I probably never will.  After that, source control.  With a quick Google it seems that it’s fairly straightforward to use Dropbox to host a private Git repo, which sounds good as I don’t really want to make everything open source.  After that’s all done I’m going to focus on the more in-depth combat mechanics.  I could probably come up with a few formulas myself to decide on the hit percentages, but there’s likely a wealth of material out there already which covers this sort of thing in greater detail.  After I find and read through said material, I’ll start putting them into play, and show the likelihood of hitting a target based on distance, elevation, and cover.  When that’s all completed I can take a look at tidying things up a bit to see what’s needed for a tech demo of sorts.  It’s far too early to call it an Alpha or the like, but when you can at least move people around and have them shoot at one another, it’s got enough in it to show off.

You can see the Trello board for my current sprint here.

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