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The awesomeness that is Adam WarRock

Those of you who know me know that I’m not much of a music buff.  Until university I hadn’t listened to much outside of videogame soundtracks & remixes and a couple of Rammstein tracks that were attached to some Anime music videos.  Thankfully this has been changing recently and I’ve been listening to a lot more music in general, especially the more nerdy stuff, because it’s actually pretty good.  The artist that proves this beyond all others is a man called Adam WarRock.

Adam WarRock is a Korean-American comic book rapper who used to be a lawyer until he realised that he hated his day job and took up rapping fulltime.  He’s pretty much the only source for comic book themed music, aside from a few one-off tracks which I’ll mention in the links later.  He’s only been making music professionally for a couple of years, but he’s put together quite the tracklist for such a short period of time.  Almost all of his work is free too, apart from a couple of albums and special remixes of some of his songs, and even those can be streamed for free.  Speaking of which, let’s talk about the music.

Sinister Six (Spider-Man)
The first one of his songs that I listened to was a Spider-Man track focused on the Sinister Six.  This is a 10 minute long monster of a track that tells the tale of the original members of the Sinister Six and their coming together to defeat Spider-Man once and for all.  It’s told from the perspective of the villains themselves and changes tune as new villain steps up to try to best Spider-Man.  The tone changes quite frequently too, alternating between a darker, more violent take on the Spider-Man universe and becoming almost slapstick.  I think this is still probably my favourite song and I’ve already listened to it many more times than I could count.

Top Wobble (Inception)
A very catchy song that recaps the entire Inception movie. If you haven’t seen Inception then I’d go watch that first because spoilers abound here. I tend to find myself humming the chorus for a good while after every time I listen to this.

I believe in Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)
I think it’s safe to say that most of us like Batman, or the Dark Knight movie at least. This track is about Harvey Dent, the up and coming attorney who, after suffering a disfiguring injury, becomes the villain Two-Face.

Smashed Gordon (Flash Gordon)
Like the Inception track earlier, this one follows the plot of three Flash Gordon movie, with a difference. Rather than being a regular sports jock, Flash is instead a drunken frat boy. It’s a bizarre take and I’m not sure write what to make on it, but you can’t deny the quality of everything else about this.

I Gotta Believe! (Scott Pilgrim)
This one was released not too long after Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the last in the series, was announced and recaps the rest of the series to prep for the release. As with his other recaps spoilers abound, and you probably won’t find it too interesting if you’ve never read the comics. If that’s the case though, then you have more pressing matters, like reading the comics. It managed to earn a mention from Bryan O’Malley, mainly because it’s so damned good.

Browncoats Mixtape (Firefly)
Aside from the one-off tracks, Adam WarRock also makes the occasional album. All but 2 of these have been released for free, and the latest one is this Firefly mixtape. It’s an interesting mash up of rap and the slight western tang of the original series, but it works really well. It manages to maintain the balance of the two styles well and doesn’t drift into either style too much, where it either be a straight rip or too different to recognise. Definitely worth taking your time to listen to.

Other Links:

There haven’t been many other comic related songs, but here’s a few that have cropped up now and again.

Paul McCartney’s – Magneto vs. Titanium (Yes, THAT Paul McCartney)

Jim’s Big Ego – Ballad of Barry Allen

3 Doors Down – Kyrptonite

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